Your most successful social media posts

Currently looking at three retweets and five likes for a chemistry “joke”. I’m basically the new Stephen Fry, but cleverer.

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You might need to explain this one for me, I’m not really into tennis.

543 retweets needs no explanation mate

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Picture of a dolls head in a puddle - 36 likes. Count 'em.

I have a locked account, so don’t get re-tweets.



Posted a picture of peter cech turning into darth vader and it got retweeted by the Daily Mirrors sports account, i was getting that many notifications that i couldn’t turn notifications off.

Got about 70 and a few shares off me ice bucket challenge. Did a spoof one didnt I !!!

My twitter feed is GOLD.

Alright Tony Hadley.

Imagine locking your account so you can pretend this to yourself.


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22 likes and 10 retweets for a Robot Wars tweet.

Alright Craig Charles.

Got some ok #numbers on a tweet about the London gorilla. Mostly excitingly though, it got a response from a racist egg! Never had one of those before, I felt like a real twitterer.

To be honest it’s kind of gutting to see your twitter pic and realise you’re not actually Glen from The Walking Dead


I tweeted once about how i thought FOTL were pretty good but the singer was trying too hard to sound like the guy from Mclusky. People took it seriously, was quite funny. Also had some action on that ‘middle class problems’ twitter account after I posted about my cleaner being dopey.

Probs time for an avatar update tbh, I only have this one to appease my dear, dear friend Balonz in fairness.

Please do not change.