Your most successful social media posts

I won’t Lonzy, don’t worry


I think avatars should be a one off lock down. Otherwise you get chumps like @Jeremys_Iron changing on a whim and it’s too confusing.

At my sister’s graduation a bird did a shit on her degree - I got about 30 likes for a picture of her + certificate + bird shit.


I remember one December Facebook was doing one of their cringey feature things where they showed your highlights of the year. Apparently the best thing that happened to me that year was:
“Just sneezed my glasses off”

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A couple of years ago I posted Rest Aria by The Residents to Tumblr, saying something like “every time someone realises that The Residents aren’t all terrifying and are also capable of writing something lovely, an angel gets its wings.”

Dreadful, yes? And yet, the post still gets numbers to this day.

Conclusion - social media makes no sense.

I got a Nice Reply for making a joke about Corbyn.

Made a My Humps/Trump mash-up gif that got retweeted by Dave Chapelle among many others.

89 RTs. that was a big day for me.


I’m sorry for the confusion. Quite happy to stick with Kanye’s white penis (for now).

Got 57 likes for a really lame joke response to an old joke someone had repackaged. No idea what the fuck is wrong with Twitter. There are very intellectual and clever jokes/ripostes on my timeline that no one cares about.

This is a few spelling errors away from being a superb Dril tweet.


I think this wins “hands” down.

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Still don’t find dril funny, and don’t understand why others seem to.

Oh god I agree with marckee

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I’ve often considered doing this Tweet but it’s not like it would get me any more traction

Gutted mate!

You can file Dril under “extremely fucking funny to some people but very difficult indeed for those people to explain why to somebody who doesn’t find it funny”

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This is the Tweet, btw

Got called out for racism by someone, which was fair I guess.

Don’t know who you are?


Not even a ‘pal’ at the end either. Brutal.

racism in that tweet specifically? or one of your other (many) racist tweets?

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