Your most used non-standard websites


So no Googles, DiS, BBC,, etc.

It’s Frinkiac for me. No idea how I lived without it.




Google…BBC…and DiS??

When did this site become a standard?




Well how else do you explain the astronomical server costs sean was paying?



Goodreads I guess? Love that site to bits


Just a silly logic game I play relentlessly and have got really good at, mainly race my own time tbh. Trying to solve the largest game tile in under a minute.



Some of the writing is appalling, but I really like reading about obscure graphic adventure games. And they published me once!


I used to work for one of them. I could have been giving you mates rates for the past six years. Unlucky Japes


You think this zany, off-the-wall, bustling community is standard!?


Could everyone explain what their non-standard websites are for?

I can’t be bothered to click on links to find out for myself



they sell bearings and bolts and shite like that


Stack Overflow is a community of 7.0 million programmers, just like you, helping each other.
Join them; it only takes a minute


I’m not a programmer unfortunately

I work with a lot of them though



Goodreads is a site with book reviews/discussions etc and really good for finding new books to read. Found so much music through when I was younger and the same goes now for books


Monkey Island II is still my favorite game ever!


Yeah, it’s my favourite from the golden age of graphic adventures, but my number one favourite of all time is Grim Fandango.


probably something like:

Flograppling - watching live\archived grappling/Brazilian jiu-jitsu events
UFC.TV - same but with MMA
Yoga For BJJ - easy to follow flows for improving my terrible flexibility
Linux Academy - Learning resource for sysadmin stuff