Your next job could be in cyber.

You just don’t know it yet.



Cyber bullying for me

You nerd!



The OnlyFans street team are getting desperate if they’re jagging here!

I barely even know 'er

Those who can do, those that can’t cyber.

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cy of relief

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One day you’re asked “a/s/l babe? xx” for the last time and you don’t even know :cry:

If I was asked it now I’d probably lie about my age again. But round it down rather than up. SAD.


Carry On… #UpTheCyber!

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My name is James
Up the cyber

It kinda already is

I put on my robe and wizards hat

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Four fingers in cyber

always amused me that the S was included in there, given there was only one answer they wanted to hear

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Imagine what your job would have been like before the cyber. Bliss

I had a cyber security training session the other day and in it they shared an example of a scam email that says we know what porn you’ve been looking at and if you don’t send us money by bitcoin we’re going to email all your work colleagues about it.

Some brain genius decided it was appropriate to put in the 200+ person group chat “I got one of those emails - and I don’t even watch porn!”


a/s/l babe? xx

Shocking lack of hits on my onlyfans tbh

I got one of these about 10 years ago from an email pretending to be ‘the police’ asking for payment and included a picture of a policeman putting doing a stern HALT, probably the funniest email I’ve ever received


My names mark, and I’m a cyb-eeerrrrhhh

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