Your overlooked masterpieces with too few likes

Damn straight

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All my best stuff was on the old boards. Haven’t really found my feet on here yet.

It’s the new username. It doesn’t promote your image correctly.

You might be right, happy to hear suggestions for a new name.


I’m four likes away from a “good reply” badge on this one


Ha! @meowington’s deadpan response got a snort too.

Two absolute clunkers so far, keep 'em coming.


That name would invite a lot of pressure to produce the goods.

I feel like you’re not really up for this.

Can you handle this?

Can you handle this?

Can you handle this?


I can’t remember, I do about 1000 zingers a day but rarely check if they’ve made an impact because I’ve got a pretty terrible sense of humour.

I should have just gone with “Alright, Theoncé”

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Probably would have made it harder for me to Google the exact reference, though.


Thanks for being so on-brand :wink:

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This did alright at the time actually but honestly don’t think I can ever do better.

Well it’s got a like from me!