Your password will expire in 30 days, change it now?

Nah, I’m good thanks


I will change it at the last possible moment thanks

  • New password
  • Add another number to the end of the last one

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12 days left, for me.

I did get burned by this once when I had to come in to the office on a day off to reset the hard disk encryption password because it can only be done on the actual work network, but I have very much not learnt my lesson.

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How close do you let it get?

  • 30 - 10 days (coward)
  • 10 - 5 days (clean shirt)
  • 5 - 2 days (easy rider)
  • 1 day (indiana jones)
  • After it expires (renegade)

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pretty terrified of the consequences of not having a valid password, tbh

Will stop using whatever it is once it expires. Not being dictated to by an algorithm.

That is the only reason I use DiS.

We get automated email warnings at 15 days, ten days, five days an then the day before and then a really shouty one on the actual day it needs to change.

It changes quarterly so my password right now is Autumn2018 plus something else that remains the same so its easy to remember.

Have to change it before it expires otherwise all the OneDrive stuff gets shitted up. I need to change on my terms, in a very sequence of processes. Think it’s due in the next couple of days, so that’s my task before I log off tonight.

That was a really boring post. Sorry!

I have tonnes of passwords. I change them whenever I have to. They are all swearwords and I’ve got them all written down.