Your Petty Manifesto (5 points, we vote yay or nay (no serious shit like world peace or better housing))

. No more guitars in Sunburst, they look fucking shite, all sunburst guitars to be recalled and painted black.

. Government grant for research into dog/cat food that doesn’t stink.

. Ice Cream vans to play AM 180 by Grandaddy

. Fewer types of pasta (replace the twisty ones with the boats)

. National campaign to increase respect for Pigeons.

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I only needed to see this to vote yay. This is a matter of public urgency


remarkable lack of respect for them imo


They’re literally war heroes, you’d think that would get them maximum respect


I’ve long thought this.


Moving Parliament to Barnsley is too serious for this thread unfortunately but I know that would get 100% support from anyone whose opinion matters.

  1. Designated pedestrian walking lanes (Fast and slow lanes in each direction on all pavements in the country)
  2. Miniature versions of supermarkets (Bo’s Local, Tesco Express etc) are subject to MORE rotation of stocked products, not the stasis they are currently obliged to provide
  3. Salt in sweet confectionary products is not banned outright but goes back to being the niche/marginalised option
  4. Babies are born with the power of flight
  5. More frequent checks on how fast baths, sinks and showers drain in any and all travel accommodation options
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3 is a big vote winner I think

It should be, Bammers. It really should be. It saddens me that I think, in reality, it will be deemed too contentious on this community of ours.

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I’ve thought for a long time that pavements could be more like roads in that you could walk on the left-hand pavement, thus preventing people from bumping into each other. We’d need more crossings, but that’s a small price to pay for well organised pedestrian traffic.

  • irn bru at McDonalds

  • Nandos to stop asking if you’ve been to Nandos before every time you walk in

  • supermarkets to be fully stocked with fresh cooked roast chickens at all times

  • sparkling water to be more readily available as an option

  • everyone needs to stop being mean about Leicester City FC in the football threads

  • YES!
  • Team HELL NO

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I think I’ve become a more relaxed person in general recently but people not walking on the left is one of the few things that still causes me to fume internally when I’m out and about these days.

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don’t think we have walking rules in Northamptonshire

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You had me until this. I could get behind fewer novelty pasta shapes, but all the authentic classics needs to be left alone

why would you want twisty and not boat though?

Oh you do, it’s “stay left”

By boat do you mean Conchiglie / shell pasta?

Why not both?

I’d also like to see a lot more respect for pigeons, and slightly more respect for @The_Respected_User


Thank you x

that’s my rule as a left-hander and left-politicker