Your Phone History



I recently got a new phone which is mildly exciting!

Here, for your enjoyment is every phone i have owned!

Ericsson T28 2002-2006

Loved this one - it had a flip thing that sprung open when you pushed a button. You could also turn it sideways and play tetris!

Nokia 3330 2006-2013

oooh a colour screen! and basic picture messages! and a radio! This was a real workhorse and also virtually indestructible and survived being drop kicked scross rooms on numerous occasions.

HTC Desire S 2013-2017

The internet in the palm of my hand! what a rush! nicely sized and again extremely robust!

Song Z5C 2017-?

Seems nice, but it’s got a lot to live up to!

Now you


First phone was my dad’s old Nokia something in 2005, but the first phone I chose was this. It had a period calendar on it, as well as some great games including Bobby carrot and a football penalty one where the players had knockoff names like David backham and thierry henli


It also had one of the best phone functions that my samsung s7 doesn’t even have - you could turn it off but the alarm still went off


how do people remember this?

I had:

some kind of Motorola flip-me-do
A sony ericsson something something?
something else
Motorola thingy



Middle ones:

Loads of other ones I can’t remember

Current one:


Used to have this little Sony one when I was in 6th form. Loved it, but lost it in a bar in the first month of Uni as it was so tiny.


Some Virgin Mobile Alcatel POS

Followed by a Nokia 3410

Then an SE 610i

Then an SE K750i

Then an SE W995

Then an HTC Desire HD

Then a Fairphone 1

Now I have a OnePlus 3


I assume you’ve hunted around to see if there’s some special setting for this on your Samsung? My phone does this and my old Android did too so it’s clearly something Android SHOULD be able to do. :frowning:


No one will top for this a crap phone your parents bought off a guy in the pub. I accessorised it with a Barcardi cover from Cardiff indoor market.


I use incognito mode, nice try, narc.


I sort of remembered brand names and as I googled them I kept seeing pictures I recognised on G images. I recalled about half of the actual phones I’ve owned.


How’s your big USB C battery pack been, Ant?


How could you even press the buttons on that if it’s so small??!


Very good thanks Theo, a very useful purchase. Kept me going for a weekend away in Milan without a plug socket, is useful to have for daytrips etc, charges my Nintendo Switch ok etc.


I had this one (which was in a Rihanna video I think):

The rotating part wasn’t really of much practical use.


Tiny child hands (mine).


Here’s someone’s ebay photo:


Used to have one of those T28s, was absolutely indestructible.

Then had something like this:

Then a Nokia that lasted a good while.

My first foray into Smartphones was a HTC of some description - Desire maybe? - that lasted about 2 months before I put it in the washing machine. Replaced it with a Samsung Galaxy Mini. Then an S3 Mini and then an S4 mini.

And now I’m on an iPhone SE (and wish I’d stuck with an Android)



My flat mate washed his Nokia phone at least 3 times over a year or two. I still have no idea how he achieved this.