Your phone is infected style popups

@sean - I don’t have a screen shot but got redirected to page with a link to ‘Google Play’. Very similar style the ones that appeared in the old days.


getting these too. chrome on mobile, not seen it on desktop yet.

just got redirected to something very similar on the mobile phone.

I should have said it’s a mobile issue - no problem with laptop.

it has happened again

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This is one I got!

and again

I got the exact one. Do not click anything in that link. That is probably malware /virus for android. How did this get in the website? Must be with one of the ads /banners?

I have to clear all the data for the Chrome app to remove the popup. I’m going to mobile-DiS on a different browser (firefox) for a while.

It’s probably because your phone is infected.

Leave it in a bucket of Dettol for 17 minutes, should clear it up.


Yeah got this.

Only ever got this message on the old DiS website and now this forum. Never delt with these pop ups anywhere else so I don’t think it’s a virus. Unless it’s a very specific one

just got this


I think this is pop up hidden in a banner in the website that is used to trick you to install malware or virus. I don’t get it anywhere else but seems to have stopped for me.

I was getting these all the time. Use the backup button rather than just closing the session.

Haven’t had one for a little while now.


… sigh