Your post lockdown gig schedule

Soz if this thread has been done already, but if not…

What do you have planned/rescheduled? 2021 is gonna be a bumper year for gigs (presuming the events industry returns to near-normal)

I’ve got:
The Dears
Dadi Freyr
Jessie Ware
Goldfrapp doing Felt Mountain omigoshhhh

Might head to a wee festival here in Bristol with Young Knives, Marika Hackman and Rozi Plain.

Wanted to see The Handsome Family but they sold out :frowning:

Green Man 2021


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Same as pre-lockdown: 0 gigs.

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The Twilight Sad and Ultrasound, both in Glasgow. Can’t remember exactly when they’ve been rescheduled for, but they’re both 2021 at any rate

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Wide Awake Festival and End Of The Road. I’ve got Bob Log III booked for some time in the new year (can’t remember when) and I’m waiting for Billie Eilish to be rescheduled

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Rescheduled shows:

Black Midi
Vanishing Twin
Wide Awake Festival

Original date:

A Winged Victory For The Sullen

All to take place between the end of July and early June next year. No idea which shows, if any, will materialise.

Not buying any new tickets until it is clear if and how gigs are happening.

Rescheduled to later this year: Confidence Man, Nordic Giants, Van Morrison.

Postponed to next year: Primavera, Arctangent, Belle and Sebastian

Still wouldn’t bet on any of them going ahead.

looks more like a to-do list than a gig schedule


Why not both?


Wide Awake and Wide Eyed , which confusingly aren’t related

The National
Thom Yorke
New Order
Dana Gavinski
Lanterns on the Lake
End of the Road
Dry Cleaning
W.H Lung
Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds
Wide Awake

That’s cancelled.

I’ve just seen. Bugger

Girl Band
Viagra Boys
Faith no More

Nothing booked. No local gigs booked. No gigs of my own to play. Fucking depressing.

The Dears
Nick Cave
Faith No More
Girl Band

God I hope I see just one show before this year is out

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Think I have just about resigned myself to no gigs this year but the thought of them being cancelled well into next year too is crushing. Particularly as all my reschedules are in first half of year.

I missed ateez, mew and bts so whenever those are back I’ll hopefully be there

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Will roll EotR over to next year, think I’ve only got Melt Yrslf Down and Idlewild booked in for later in the year which I’m hoping will both be rescheduled.