Your preferred source of reviews

Was just thinking about this. For film reviews, I prefer reading mainly critical reviews from reputable publications, but for book reviews I much prefer reviews from ordinary people on goodreads, they always feel more honest and you can tell they really read the book and know the genre well and aren’t afraid to say negative things, don’t feel I get this from guardian reviews or whatever. For cameras and other tech stuff I use proper review websites but also photography forums to see what people are saying. For makeup etc, I don’t like using official publications like magazines or big youtubers whose opinions are probably paid for, but rather smaller, trusted youtubers who show everything properly and weren’t just sent a pr sample. Don’t really ever trust amazon reviews and just decide myself based on price/description etc. Music reviews are tricky, can’t say I ever listened to something off of a review but I do like to read proper reviews of albums I like to see what others thought of it, the pretentious writing that comes with arts reviews doesn’t bother me so much with music/exhibitions as it does with books

It’s hard to know which source to turn to and which avenues to trust when we are given so many options so it would be interesting to hear where others prefer to find their reviews

Mostly word of mouth from people I know or from here, things like the tv/Amazon/Netflix thread, the reading in 2021 thread and then for music, just various threads in the music subforum

I quite like knowing as little as possible about movies/tv/books so if I get a hint of “try X if you liked Y” I’ll usually check something out

for film reviews i like just looking at how many stars someone gave it and ignoring the actual review

don’t want spoilers thanks just tell me if i should watch it or not


I used to be able to completely trust the reviews in Select magazine - they were completely aligned to my tastes at the time. I discovered so much new music by buying something they said was good without necessarily hearing it. Then they went and folded.

Part of the problem with most press reviews nowadays is that they just review records that are going to be massive, so you’re never going to discover anything new.

Word of mouth is good for me, but actually going to see bands live and getting there early enough to see the support band has always been another surefire winner for discovering new stuff.

I like to solely read user reviews on metacritic



  • weekly release threads here
  • music league playlists here
  • Spotify recommend playlists
  • Pitchfork, still, on occasion


  • Kermode and Mayo podcast
  • film threads here
  • just trusting things released at my local smaller cinemas, as long as the blurb looks interesting

Guitar gear

  • used to be YouTube channels, mainly Knobs. Now just use my knowledge of which are the good/fun brands and then search around for ,
    clips of potentially interesting things until I find one at a good price. So mainly using the Fretboard forum/eBay/reverb and just seeing what is well priced and fun at any given time. No professional guitar mag reviews, they were always super biased and inflated


  • the worst for me. I get trapped in loops of reading Which scores, Amazon user scores, other reviews sites etc, then getting indecisive and not committing. Think with electronics etc as long as they are within budget, seem suitable and the reviews are at least generally “good” then I should start going for it and not overthinking


  • Beer - Untappd scores
  • Spirits - fav cocktail YouTube channels and the brands they use. Also review scores on Master of Malt/Tequila Matchmaker/random bourbon review pages

Oh fuck, yeah review loops. Whenever it’s something I have no clue about I can get far too obsessed by reviews to actually choose something. Think I spent two weeks looking at every single review of two types of washing machine trying to work out which one was better.

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I do like Peter Bradshaws reviews but damn he can discuss plot details from well over an hour into the film without batting an eye.

I’m all for mentioning “spoilers” if they were in the trailer or happen in the first idk 20 mins, to give a sense of set up and direction. But youve got to leave some mystery behind - if you can’t write about themes and meanings without just rehashing the plot then it’s not a good review

100%. Suddenly I have to be the expert on this piece of equipment Ive never cared about before, and I need the very best I can afford - obviously I can’t just buy something adequate!!

I’ve literally not bought a head shaver in … years, because I have to be sure I’m getting the right one. Bitch, currently you’re shaving with a broken beard trimmer that has zero battery and takes forever, anything else is a guaranteed upgrade :smiley:

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i’ll bet LOL


When looking to purchase something I like to find a subreddit, post ‘what’s good in my budget’ and immediately get 30 people telling me I need to spend at least 5 times my budget or I may as well just rub actual shit in my eyes. Then I go jump in the nearest river.


How do you choose which river is most suitable though. Have you considered water temp? Algae density? Pollution levels? Merely going by “distance” is amateur hour!


£1k will get you a good starter tin opener, but you’ll quickly progress and want something more serious

probably better to spend the money up front


I like New York Times Wirecutter for gadget reviews

I’d say I’ll just set myself on fire instead but I don’t want r/self-immolation to get wind of my budget fuel choice.

The internet was a mistake.



Pitchfork/Stereogum/The Quietus/DiS New Release threads/Twitter/CokeMachineGlow review archives (RIP)/The Wire/An Taobh Tuathail/Local record shops/My friends

Everything else? Don’t give a fuck.