Your reading feats

Inspired by @whiterussian in the lotr film club thread reading RotK in 3 days

Read the whole a song of ice and fire series in about 2 weeks. Didn’t think it was a big deal until I posted on here about it and someone expressed their shock and I googled it and apparently it takes a very long time to finish

Read Harry potters 6 and 7 on their respective release days to avoid spoilers, I was in deep by then and read without interruption, and both times my dad got up early to buy me the book from the supermarket on release day :pleading_face::two_hearts: he was such a kind dad.

I think the last big feat was a reverse one where I got an A on my Henry V paper in a level English without even reading it, it was a creative mixture of watching the film, reading discussions about it, sparknotes and memorising some key quotes.

Love having a book that is absorbing enough to forget basic bodily functions for :books::white_heart:


I got moved up to Year 3 reading level when I was in Year 1


Were you on the Oxford reading tree? With biff, chip, kipper and the rest of the lads

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Yeah, I recall that I was. I certainly remember all those guys and still think of them often. Kipper the Dog has a TV show and it has a superb theme song.

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I still read them sometimes with pupils and it’s great, love it when they get the magic key out

It’s weird that the children in those books were named Biff and Chip. I like those names.

“This is baby Biff”

When I was a kid I would get through a Famous Five book a day sometimes. I hope they didn’t make me an awful racist tbh.

Nailed billy blue hat in about 3 minutes


I think of them as the type of names you’d find at an American country club, like where’s chip? Oh he’s at the country club with biff and kipper

Snuck in once with a fake wristband.


This is an excellent call and a glimpse into a potential alternative future for those children

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not just from your OP here but from posts elsewhere, your dad was clearly an absolute legend



My mum goes on about how good I was at reading as a child, going on about me reading The Hobbit in primary school.

Nowadays I like books where lots of things happen or I lose patience.

I feel like I’ve been conditioned to be ashamed of this.


Thank you!! Was tearing up as I thought about it and had to pull myself together to deliver the thread



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I’m a fast reader, so it’s not unusual for me to get through four or five books a week if I’ve not got much else on. My usual average is two books a week which I thought was pretty standard until I started a book club and people complained that a month wasn’t long enough to read a book. I had to disband the book club because I was getting so wound up with them for not reading the bloody book.

I think I read about two thirds of the books for my English degree. I’ve never read Hamlet but got a first in an essay on it based on reading the plot on Wikipedia and some secondary texts. My classmate fell out with me because she’d worked really hard on the same essay and got a 2:1.


I’m the same, nothing like the reader I used to be. Think the older we get the less time we have for things, the amount of time I spent journalling when I was young was shocking, have no patience for that now, can barely manage to set a voice reminder with Google


though this was a fart emoji for a moment


Love creative laziness, I got a 1st i a 3rd year project on antigenic shift in the flu virus because the guy delivering our lab project did some lectures with us during 2nd year and he gave us really detailed notes at the time, and I went back to them and all the good stuff was there. Spent about 2 days on it compared to full 2 weeks assigned and got one of the highest marks

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I’m still excited over the white and brown heart emojis and like to use them :brown_heart: