Your recommended daily allowance of salt

Are you over or under? Do you worry about it?

Let’s talk about salt, baby.

Must be over. Worry about it a bit but I’ve got food intolerances and there’s not much that can make my meals taste of something, so there’s not a lot I can do other than avoid stuff like crisps.

Almost definitely way over, no idea what it is or how much I consume though, and to be honest with you Joke my good friend, I couldn’t give one hoot.

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a lot more likely to think about carbs/sugar etc.


Well under, I think. Other than Linda Macs sausages and once a week takeaways, I don’t really eat processed (savoury) food or ready meals. Plus I don’t eat crisps because they’re rubbish.

Yeah, I’ll consider and try to monitor the general healthiness of what I’m eating but as for specifics, life’s too short.

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Biggest offender would be soy sauce.

Any tomato in that?

I am well above and beyond my recommended dose, I oversalt everything. I put it on toast.

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I honestly couldn’t give if a toss


I don’t really eat processed foods, everything is from scratch pretty much unless I’m getting a takeaway. I tend to cook without adding salt to things where feasible for the kids, and then add quite a bit to my own portion. I’m probably over because I’m a big eater, but it’s hard to really judge.

Sucks to be if!

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I reckon I get exactly the recommended amount, bang on, every day.

AS A VEGETARIAN I’ve realised how much salt I used to eat. Like used to add additional salt to tins of beans etc and now find them overly salty as they are. Think cured meats were doing a number on my palate

Probably had half my recommended limit i reckon

Lot of salt in a properly made loaf of bread.

Today? Ever?

as much flaky salt as I need until stuff tastes gooder

You know when you have a dominos or whatever and your mouth is so so dry and gross after it cos of all the salt

Hate that

I love salt and add it to most things.

My nan was a salt obsessive and guess what they said when she went to the doctor a few years ago? That’s right, her salt levels were low :smiley: she ended up being put on salt tablets. I don’t tend to worry