Your recommended daily allowance of salt

Wake up the next day with your lips welded to your gums. Lovely stuff.

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if i’ve been cycling or that and getting sweaty i end up craving tons of salt

must be eating loads of it. cant say im that bothered. maybe i should be? idk

Oil is the thing I worry about. I eat a lot of oil.

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Think I’m probably under the salt intake but way, way over the sugar intake. I’m very addicted to sugar

I’m so addicted to both, it’s a curse. Could easy eat 3500 cals of salty foods and a grab bag of chocolate every single day if I didn’t keep myself in check.

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Could be either. I use loads of salt and soy sauce in cooking, add lots to certain meals and love a pack of crisps. On the other hand, I never eat ready meals and only occasionally eat processed savoury stuff (fish fingers and various veggie/vegan frozen bits).

Overall, salt is great and I’m not in the least bit worried about how much I consume. See when people don’t salt their pasta or rice water adequately :imp:

Worth pointing out that the problem with salt is when it leads to high blood pressure. If your blood pressure isn’t getting high then you aren’t eating too much salt. But if it does get high and stays there then overdoing the salt will continue to make things worse.

I’m careful now as I have high blood pressure problems in my family. Tend not to use it when I cook other than a tiny sprinkle of rock salt. I prefer little bits of salt here and there to a uniform salty taste tbh. Dont eat crisps much either