Your reluctant Tory tendencies

Last weekend I went to the Cotswolds for a wedding. It was beautiful. Rolling fields, drystone walls, charming villages - I want nothing more that to move there and sit in a sun-dappled garden listening to birdsong (which isn’t even out of the question, there were beautiful three-bedroom houses for sale that were cheaper than my middling London flat. Commute would be a pain though).

Still… it’s a bit Tory, innit?

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You would certainly discover this pretty soon after moving there, yes.

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Really like that side of England. The side that tourists expect. Don’t think there’s anything wrong with liking it though, it’s just nice isn’t it.

Don’t know if I have any actual Tory tendencies, if I do I hope people let me know so I can stamp them out and self-flagellate for a bit.

I drive a diesel car (actually more of an SUV for ultimate Tory points)
I use a Nespresso sometimes

used to love nothing more than buying a crate of tinnies and sitting in the garden or the park with my friends but these days more likely to go and get a polypin of fresh ale from the brewery shop. much, much nicer and not mad expensive or anything but definitely feels a bit tory.

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Euro 6?

A polypin, good sir! Why not avail thee of a hogshead my good man!


Enjoy the peace of mind that comes from being paid fair too much.


Lots of EU flags about though. Don’t want to lose access to their French holiday homes.

Of course that’s what you’re after


Euro 5 I think…

Ah well.

so’s mine

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I keep accidentally privatising things


I have a lifetime ISA, whereby the government rewards me for having money by giving me some more money.


Benefit from and thus perpetuate capitalism. Roasted meats.


A significant part of my fantasy of leaving workplace drudgery young(ish) is based on inherited wealth.

I kind of, sort of think that people who need an ambulance after getting hammered on a night out, sort of, probably should have to provide some sort of compensation in some way (barring addiction, mental health issues, other mitigating circumstances etc)



I often fantasise about my dream house that’s in town but on the river or in a Countrysidey spot, it has two kitchens (one in one out), an open log burning fire and space enough for two dogs without pissing Winnie off.


You just wait for the non-reluctant ones thread, because I have some opinions on wine that are bound to get the old wigs in the air.

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