Your reluctant Tory tendencies


My amazon criteria is if it’s something big John Lewis normally has a similar price, get books from booksetc who are somehow cheaper than amazon, if I need something quick delivered to the lockers at the library near my work I’ll resort to amazon


They do it on purpose Lynn


Yeah, that was why I made a thread asking what I should do. I wanted people to suggest ideas that would help the world. Buying myself the new U2 album helps no one.

I ended up buying stuff on a charities wishlist as someone suggested.

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Am a cunt


I imagined if they got a contemporary author to write the officially sanctioned sequel to Atlas Shrugged like what they do with the James Bond books and then I imagined reviewing it and saying “it’s good but it ain’t Rand”

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Whenever I see a pigs head in a butchers I can’t help but want to stick my dick in its mouth.


Have taken my time leading a revolution


i really like guns. an old mates dad had a hunting license and a sick collection of shotties and a pistol. felt like a big man when i held the shottie.


and @shyguy2013

there are lots of socialist Morris/rapper dancers, actually

well I know/know of a bunch of them anyway

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Just your English you need to work on :rofl:

Bet I scroll down and someone has beaten me to the punch. Will serve me right, frankly.

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Just an all round big fan of how great this is when twinned with your avatar


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So basically everyone is a bit of a tory then?

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I started buying them when you kind of had no other choice really about how to listen to music. Now, I quite like my collection, but it is a bit of a millstone. Takes up quite a bit of room and the thought of having to move fills me with dread. :frowning:


If you actually listen to them then its fine.

If you just have them with a flash turntable/amp…and generally the collection consists of records from “10 essential X records you must have in your collection” then yea, reckon you’re sliding into tory land.


whatever you do, don’t Minchinhampton

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i.e. Instagram props.


Was always a bit “I don’t see the point of vinyl”, but my girlfriend bought me a record player for my birthday last year and… I really like them. Just quite nice to use. Prices are ridiculous bit leaks I only buy stuff I really really like so my collection is :100:.

Friday afternoon wfh and playing records is top.


also kinda like eurovision


Off to Surrey this afternoon


Voted for Tony Blair.