Your reluctant Tory tendencies

Buy my potatoes in M+S cos they are much better than the ones in the CoOp

Do Ant and Dec do the self-service till voices in all M+S now? Is this a permanent thing?

It is the entire cast of Britain’s Got Talent and it is really irritating


I only really noticed it this morning in London Bridge when I suddenly realised I was surrounded by shouty geordies. After a moment I realised I found it quite funny.

Way better than some whiny person simpering about my non-existent spark card.

thinking about starting to collect records.
really hard to justify given how expensive and unnecessary they are these days, just think a record collection would be a nice thing to have


Catch myself getting weirder and weirder about money as I get older.

Also use a Nespresso but recycle the capsules so it’s totally fine right?

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Currently recycle means there is an old bag full of mouldy coffee capsules in my kitchen


This is the least Tory tendency ever. You my friend are turning into a Lib Dem.


maybe not full tory but it’s definitely a massively bourgeois indulgence

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I don’t believe there has ever been a Tory with a record collection.

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What’s the socialist approach to music?

If it’s bandcamp I’m in, if it’s only making your own music as part of a folk collective I’m out.


Now if you were to say “stuffed animal head collection”… well then we’d be talking.

Not true. I bet loads of them have really expensive setups that they use to belt out Dark Side of the Moon.


Just go to the proms I think.

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i don’t feel the need to self flagellate about wants and desires, which probably in its own right is a Tory tendency. I’m not particularly of the belief that being a part of the system should instil constant shame in oneself. You’d never get anything fucking done.


I’m guessing here, but I reckon they probably approach it from the left.

Nah. That’s the Lib Dems again.

I like having nice things


I wear matching socks every single day. Tory twat.

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