Your routine in these bullshit times

Weekends are prone to lie-ins, sudden naps, late night episodes of whatever and so on, BUT my weekday routine has become endlessly familiar now.

7am - mrs wakes up, waking me up

7.30am - up and out of bed, check emails so there are no nasty surprises when I start, but unless crucial i don’t act on them.

7.45 - 10am: If it’s not raining, hot tub with a coffee. If it is raining, coffee. Breakfast. Walk in the cold. Shower.

10am - Work starts. Get up every hour to walk about a bit, stretch or whatever.

12:30pm - Workout, then lunch.

1.30pm - Work til 6pm.

6pm - stuff i wanna do while mrs is teaching in kitchen. This is usually working on something creative or vegging out on couch.

7.30/8/8.30 depending on when teaching is over - cook dinner.

9pm - after food, probably a board game or time reading next to each other.

2am - i may possibly have gotten to sleep by this point if it’s a good day. She has fallen asleep two or three hours before this so if i’m fucked i just hive off to the lounge to be tired and procrastinate.

And repeat.

8.30 am - wake up/get showered
9am - meant to start work so make breakfast and a drink
9.10-5 - stare at a screen
5 - 11 - stare at a wall
11 - 11.30 - read
11.30 - 1.30 - try to sleep unsuccessfully
1.30 - 8.30 sleep


0230 Wake Up
0245 Prayer TIme
0315 Breakfast
0340 Workout
0530 Meal
0600 Shower
0730 Golf
0800 Snack
0930 Cryochamber


I have coffee in bed with a book EVERY DAY. Pre 2020 I would never wale up earlier than I absolutely had to (for various reasons), and hadn’t read a book outside of summer holidays for a good few years.

As of next week I’m living alone again (after sharing the flat with my sister for a few months), so I’m sure more of my own weird routines will sneak in as well.


man you need to start eating

i’m glad we got this out of the way


7am - alarm. Mix of snoozing, getting angry at Chris ‘the hawk’ Hawkins but for some reason never changing the alarm to a different radio station

7:20 - get out of bed. Have a shit, brush my teeth, shave

7:45 - make a coffee, fire up the laptop for another hard day of graft at the data factory

8 - dunno. Work

Try to sneak a run in at some point in the working day while it’s light, otherwise run after work.

6:30 - cook

7:30ish - eat dinner

8 - film, football, board game or random shite on the telly

10:30 - bed. Read or shag, sometimes both

11-11:30 - go to sleep


Weekends are a giddy mix of cooking, distance running, watching lots of sports on the television, and going down YouTube rabbit holes when I should be asleep

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7.30 - alarm goes off, go lie in bed with Dr Mrs Epimer for 15 minutes
7.45 - downstairs, breakfast tea for her, coffee for me. Cereal.
8.00 - Animal Crossing together
8.30 - either shower or start work
8.45 - start work if I haven’t already
12.00 - lunch, possible quick Switch session
13.00 - back to work
17.15 - finish work, start on dinner
18.00 or 18.30ish - watch telly with Dr Mrs Epimer
19.14 - cryo chamber
19.30 - play computer games or read or do programming stuff or make music or learn chess theory or watch YouTube tutorials
21.00 - tea and possible snack. Vanilla roobois for me, peppermint for her. Possible more of the above.
22.00 - go to bed to read and/or internet
23.30 or 0.00 - sleep

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6:30 alarm
6:50 out of bed, shower
7:15 breakfast, podcast or doomscroll
8:05 leave for work
8:30 work
16:30 go home
17:00 faff, play rdr2, overwatch
18:45 start cooking
19:30 eat
20:30 more games, maybe switch instead of pc
22:30 bed, read
23:00 lights off

on sunday night last week at about 1am i thought ‘i should watch resident evil youtube reviews for several hours’ but i can’t remember a single thing from any of them


Too boring to even type out lets be honest


Wake up
Read Dis
Go to bed


7am or earlier - wake up, read for a bit in bed
8am - work
1pm - Walk / lunch
2pm - Work
4pm - Read
5pm - Watch a film
7pm - Make dinner
8pm - Another film
10pm+ - book and bed

I have done this literally every day since Christmas Day… some variety would be lovely…

just the same endless day. over and over and over


the same *highly optimised day

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7am-7pm - Work/childcare
7pm - 12am stare into space/crying
12am - 7am sleep/crying


depends on the weather but let’s say it ain’t pissing down or icy, and that i’ve had a decent sleep:

7ish: up, coffee, make him indoors a large cup of tea
(switch / cross stitch / reading / breakfast)
~8: laptop on, “work”
[3ish times a week i will sneak in a bike ride during the day, but if i can be arsed i will do this before work / breakfast and in the summer sometimes this will happen in the evenings]
5ish: finish work yay
any time from 6-7.30: dinner innit
~7onwards: one or several of: telly, film, video games, book, cross stitch, route planning, bike club admin
~10ish: bed

6.30am - Wake up
7.00am - Grab a brush and put a little make-up
7.15pm - Hide the scars to fade away the shake-up
7.30am - Why’d you leave the keys upon the table?


Eat pie
Another shit
More pie