Your single/song of this summer?


Mine -


Check out Daft Punk’s new single ‘Get Lucky’ if you get the chance. Sound of the summer.


Ah, lovely to see the annual use of that one - the joke, like the song, is some four years old now though.


The jokes not gonna be older than the song tbf



So good.


Came here to post this.

Sterling work, good sir.


Still find the lyrics to that song pretty uncomfortable.


Why’s it only summer that gets a fucking song eh?

Where’s the thread about the song of autumn?

Season fascists


Yeah I agree, which is a shame as it’s quite a banger. They explained it a bit on Song Exploder recently but still doesn’t sit quite right.

Wanna say something more clever but the song of the summer is so clearly Everything Now for me.


ive been


thinking bout



Green Light for sure, the rave piano breakdown gets me every time.

2017 bangers

ife- yumavision


Miles Cyrus ‘Malibu’.

Love the video too. Still find it really beguiling after numerous listens. A really unusual ‘pop’ song.


it’s not of this summer but i only just really started listening to courtney barnett this year



Winter deserves at least two songs




Well actually this