Your single/song of this summer?



can i add these? again, not all 2017 releases and i know we said “song” as in singular but they make me happy/chilled:



To me it’s among the worst on the album, as soon as the intro is over, he beat annoys me like hell.


Love this - rather annoyingly not on Spotify.


Made a playlist of the tracks I can find on Spotify - will keep adding to them.



I want some satisfaction take me to the stars, just like ahhhhAHHHHAHHHHHHHH


Check now :slight_smile:


This one too…


can’t get much more summery than afro electro pop


Beat me to it. As if it’s anything but this!

Had a 2hr flight the other day and was contemplating having this on repeat for the entire journey. But decided against it and only listened 5 times in a row then put Emotion on.


If it’s not Carly Rae Jepsen then it’s this…


great idea this


oh that “with me now” is by natureboy flako no idea why youtube only put flako


“It’s Not Fair” by The Hand. Song of the summer if your country has been hijacked by a senile bigot. The whole EP is fantastic.



This is great and I’m going to listen to the album now



Hey this has got a good beat! Who are these hip cats?