Your supermarket strategies

  • I visit all the aisles, in order
  • I don’t go down every aisle but I’m mostly visiting them in order
  • Other (details, please)

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Tell you what I’ve started to do during my scan-as-you-shop adventures:: get the milk, orange juice, cans, and any other drinks first, then end up in the fruit and veg section last. All my lovely bread and fruits are then at the top of my packed bags and are undamaged in the journey home.

Hit the discount aisle immediately to grab those sweet sweet deals. Then go back and start at the fruit and sort of snake around making my way from one side to the other via the aisles I need.

  • I’m looking for discounted bakery goods as I go past that section
  • I’m looking for discounted bakery goods as soon as I get there
  • I’m looking for discounted bakery goods at the very end of my shop
  • Other (details, please)

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Not on bakery goods-book

  • Of course I’m looking at the homeware and nick-nacks! I’ll probably buy something too
  • Of course I’m looking at the homeware and nick-nacks! Pretty unlikely to buy anything mind
  • My time is precious and I’ve got an itemised shopping list here to work through, no time for such frivolity
  • Other (details, please)

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For the big shop I go down all the aisles, have a list written out on paper, with a number next to each item for the aisle it’s in (much easier than writing the items in aisle order imo). For top-up shops it’s just straight to the relevant aisle.

I aspire to this level of preparation


try and go when it opens at 7am so its really quiet.

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  • No shopping list
  • Paper shopping list
  • Notes app shopping list
  • Shopping list app shopping list
  • Other?

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This could have been a thread you know! It’s #supermarketweek

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Taken to going at 8.30 on a Saturday morning, dead quiet.

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  • Do the big shop at the weekend
  • Do the big shop during 9-5 hours during the week
  • Do the big shop early mornings during the week
  • Do the big shop evenings during the week
  • Not on big shop book

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  • Do the big shop online

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Saturday morning for weekend stuff, Monday after work for weekday stuff.

Shopping list app shopping list is revolutionary imo. Automatically categorises stuff, tick things off, etc. Has made supermarkets much less stressful for me.

Turkish supermarket (400m away): Fruit, veg, anything exotic.
Lidl (2km away): Basics.
Albert Heijn (50m away): Anything else.

In general, no lists, but if trying to be a bit organised, then hell yes with the lists.

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Weekday mornings or evenings for me pls

I usually wander around aimlessly for a while and pick up whatever I fancy in the moment


Only really wrote shopping lists during covid when going to the shop was a big thing you had to queue for and it would be a disaster if you didn’t get something

I use a to-do list app so probably not quite as sophisticated but I do reorder things so they’re in the order I’ll find them in the shop

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