Your supermarket strategies

Lightest items first, heaviest items last.

Don’t want to lug that basket up and down every aisle with six bottles of red wine, obviously.

ever heard of a trolley m9?

The ‘big shop’ is buying fruit & veg, which usually occurs at the weekend, but not in a supermarket. Instead it’s bought from the local market or the Asian greengrocer.

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Hate trolleys


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If I’ve got a list, I’m usually in and out. A precision operation, targeting the aisles I need.

If I’m looking for inspiration or just a bit bored, I have a good mooch around the entire shop.

If I end up in an unfamiliar supermarket, especially one that’s busy, I usually just have a breakdown.

You have to scan your receipt in my local sainsbogs to get out of the tills area now.

They’ve had this at ours for a few months now. Don’t know what the point is, other than to inconvenience folk.

Fine, I’ll get a receipt for a loaf of bread, to allow me to push this trolley full of meat out the door.


Apple reminders app, shared with my partner, so I can tick off as I go AND she can add items that I’ve already walked past from home. Really annoying.

the last nine years have mostly meant attending a supermarket with one or two kids and as such it’s chaos. absolute nightmare of forgetting stuff putting stuff back crossing the store back and forth like dale winton but without the suit. Always have an overflowing basket but never make the step up to trolley. Think it’s conceding im an adult maybe.

I talk to a chap in asda about metal though so that’s ok. Our metal tastes don’t align but we still pass the time nicely.

Go on my lunch while working from home, buy food for the week, end up going out, throw food out

Almost certainly cost more to install than they’ll save on stopping people nicking stuff.

Nah, not at all. In the reasonably small shop I worked in, we’d lose about £6k a week through theft.

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Had a period of bad MH where supermarkets really freaked me out so I would just go Tesco extra for very basic things with less choice and overwhelm

Now I sometimes like to just drift aimlessly around them; might touch a cushion, judge a t-shirt, flip through a book, just treat it like an IKEA and look at all the stuff everywhere while being detached from real life. Then get a chocolate bar treat for the journey home!

Just had a grand old time looking at pans and ice cube trays etc

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Ah that’s a great shout!

  • Always buying a treat for the way home
  • Usually buying a treat for the way home
  • Sometimes buying a treat for the way home
  • Look pal, ‘a treat for the way home’ isn’t on the list is it?

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Sometimes but it’s a treat for when I get home/later in the day

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