Your surefire dancefloor hit


Which one tune will get you to the dancefloor no matter how tired you are or what else you’re doing? Inspired by the daily thread but this is relaly about your 100% dancefloor dead cert.

Mine has got to be this. Even over Regulate by Warren G. I can’t leave the dancefloor alone if it comes on:


Such a tune does not exist.


2 for me

Who am I kidding, there are loads. Love a good boogie



Any 90s dance bangers tbh


Truth be told I prefer September by EW&F but this is “my song”


loads, but the only one that can do it in one note


Think this is an underrated dance floor filler, it was the penultimate song at my wedding and it was nuts:




as above, there are fuckin loads, but definitely:


Obviously anytime the rat gets dropped but that’s just unfair to all other songs, tbh. Stupidly played it once then realised there’s absolutely nowhere you can go after it. It’s just TOO BIG


I want to go to a club immediately where all these songs are getting played (and the ones in the daily thread)


Been asked to DJ at the pub I used to work at next friday cause their normal guy’s on holiday. Obviously just putting everything on here into a playlist


Or Call Your Girlfriend as well


excellent work - it’s going to go off in there


Just gunna put it on shuffle and give myself the night off



It’s a Muse thing. You wouldn’t understand.


Could hardly be more obvious, but, that doesn’t make it untrue…