Your Teenage Top 10

My Teenage 10: The albums I played to death/wore out as teen.

Ash - 1977
Pretty Girls Male Graves - New Romance
GreenDay - Dookie
PJ Harvey - To Bring You My Love
Tom Waits - Mule Variations
Deftones - Around the Fur
Mos Def - Black on Both Sides
Idlewild - Hope is Important
Stereophonics - Word Gets Around
Muse - Showbiz

What are yours?

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King krule- 6 feet beneath the moon
Neutral milk hotel- ITAOTS
Spiritualized- LAGWAFIS
Silver Jews- American Water
Kanye- MBDTF
Death Grips- TMS
Danny Brown- xxx
Eels- daisies of the galaxy
Smiths- Queen is dead

These are certainly the ones I have the strongest memories of listening to, especially NMH. I listened to nothing but NMH when I was 15

These are the records I remember listening to obsessively when I was 15-18.

The Smiths - Hatful of Hollow
Billy Bragg - Life’s a Riot With Spy vs Spy
Joy Division - Unknown Pleasures
New Order - Low Life
Tom Waits - Swordfishtrombones
The Jesus and Mary Chain - Pychocandy
Misty in Roots - Live at the Counter Eurovision 1979
The The - Soul Mining
Prince - Dirty Mind
Microdisney - The Clock Comes Down the Stairs

Of course I listened obsessively to all the other records by those artists as well, and to loads of compilations (especially reggae and early hip hop ones). You can see pretty clearly how my early taste was shaped by John Peel. It wasn’t until I got to University that I met people who introduced me to great stuff he wasn’t playing at the time.


Smashing Pumpkins - mellon collie…
JJ72 - i to sky
Red hot chili peppers -one hot minute
Ryan adams - love is hell
Flaming lips - yoshimi…
Mars volta - deloused…
Tenacious d - self titled
Outkast - speakerboxx/love below
Radiohead - amnesiac
Super furry animals - phantom power

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Cure - Pornography
Joy Division - Closer
Smiths - Smiths
New Order - Power Corruption and Lies
The The - Soul Mining
Human League - Reproduction
Associates - Fourth Drawer Down
Girls At Our Best - Pleasure
A Certain Ratio - Sextet
ABC - Lexicon of Love

My teenage years ended in the mid 1980s


My Bloody Valentine - Loveless
Curve - Doppelganger
Swervedriver - Mezcal Head
Smashing Pumpkins - Siamese Dream
The Cure - Mixed Up
Depeche Mode - Violator
Nine Inch Nails - Pretty Hate Machine
Black Dog Productions - Bytes
Aphex Twin - Selected Ambient Works 85-92
Seefeel - Quique

Good, good years.


My teenage years: 1997-2004

Eels - Daisies of the Galaxy
The Smiths - The Queen Is Dead
Andrew WK - I Get Wet
The Shins - Chutes Too Narrow
Belle & Sebastian - Tigermilk
The Strokes - Is This It
Travis - The Man Who
The Stone Roses - The Stone Roses
Spiritualized - Let It Come Down
The Simpsons - Songs in the Key of Springfield

There’s loads more, but I think these 10 are a fair reflection of the narrow range of crap I was obsessed with

Aztec Camera - Stray (also HLHR)
The Heart Throbs - Cleopatra Grip
Mazzy Star - She Hangs Brightly
The Perfect Disaster - Up
Suzanne Vega - Solitude Standing (also the debut)
The Dream Syndicate - Ghost Stories
The Pixies - Doolittle
The Blue Nile - Hats (also AWATR)
Michelle Shocked - Short, Sharp, Shocked
Josef K - Young & Stupid/Endless Soul

Stop making me feel so old!


Pearl Jam - Ten
Metallica - Metallica
Counting Crows - August and Everything After
REM - Out of Time
Nirvana - Nevermind
RHCP- Blood Sugar Sex Magik
Soundgarden - Badmotorfinger
Levellers - Levelling the Land
Cracker - Kerosene Hat
Stone Temple Pilots - Core

Probably should have Guns N’ Roses in there too as I loved them


Idlewild - The Remote Part
Hope of the States - The Lost Riots
Jonquil - Lions
Frankie Sparo - My Red Scare
Wilco - Yankee Hotel Foxtrot
Beirut - Gulag Orkestar
British Sea Power - The Decline of…
Elliott Smith - Either/Or
Broken Social Scene - Broken Social Scene
Mew - Frengers

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The Libertines - Up the Bracket
Babyshambles - Down in Albion
The Smiths - The Queen is Dead
Arcade Fire - Funeral
Moby - Last Night
Dizzee Rascal - Boy In Da Corner
Los Campesinos! - Romance is Boring
Lightspeed Champion - Falling Under the Lavender Bridge
Arctic Monkeys - Whatever People…
Pixies - Doolittle

Pete Doherty was the first musician I was obsessed with so I was really hard in for Libs/Shambles as a teenager, much less so now. I was never really into Dizzee but this like the only CD we had in my friend’s car, which we spent an inordinate amount of time in, so I have probably hard that record 10,000 times or something. We always used to listen to ‘Last Night’ while pre-drinking, and I was 14 when the first Arctic Monkeys album came out, so the perfect age for it and the assorted indie that was around then, including Arcade Fire and Lightspeed. LC! and Pixies am still obsessed with, listening to ‘The Happening’ as I type.

Biggest difference between me then and now is lack of women on this list, my last few yearly top 10 are always mostly female.

Oasis - The Masterplan
Oasis - Familiar to Millions
Ash - Free All Angels
The Strokes - Is This It?
Muse - Origin of Symmetry
Faithless - Sunday 8pm
Chemical Brothers - Surrender
Prodigy - Fat of the Land
Radiohead - The Bends
The Cure - Standing on a Beach

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Brand New - The Devil and God Are Raging Inside Me
Smashing Pumpkins - Mellon Collie
My Chemical Romance - Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge
Jeff Buckley - Grace
A Perfect Circle - Mer de Noms
Tool - Lateralus
Muse - Origin of Symmetry
Bloc Party - Silent Alarm
Biffy Clyro - Blackened Sky
RHCP - Blood Sugar Sex Magik

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Assuming one per band to make it more interesting and not just all Corgan, and viewing teenage as 13-16 because 17-18 feels more linked to college.

The Smashing Pumpkins - Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness (13)
Oasis - What’s the Story Morning Glory (13)
Stone Temple Pilots - Core (14)
Counting Crows - Recovering the Satellites (14)
Bush - Razorblade Suitcase (14)
Sublime - Sublime (14)
Foo Fighters - The Colour and the Shape (15)
Weezer - Pinkerton (16)
Blink 182 - Dude Ranch (16)
Pearl Jam - No Code (16)

Very honorable mention to something by Green Day. Radiohead, Soundgarden, Alice in Chains, Nirvana, Tool, and RHCP should be in there too.

I still love them all, even Sublime and Blink 182 who aren’t looked at too fondly around here.

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Lemonheads - It’s A Shame About Ray
Nirvana - In Utero
Pearl Jam - Vitalogy
Bjork - Debut
Blur - Parklife
SFA - Radiator
Smashing Pumpkins - Melon Collie
Lauryn Hill - Miseducation of…
Jeff Buckley - Grace
Soul Asylum - Grave Dancers Union

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Solitude Standing. dream of a record!

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Hmm mine would be

Alexisonfire - self titled
MCR - Three Cheers…
Thursday - Full Collapse
Refused - The Shape of Punk to Come
These Arms Are Snakes - Oxeneers
Taking Back Sunday- Tell All Your Friends
Brand New - Deja Entendu
Converge - You Fail Me
DILLINGER Escape Plan - Miss Machine
Norma Jean - Bless the Martyr

None of you guys had terrible taste as a teenager? :wink: I got into DiS type music aged about 14 when I heard ‘Girlfriend in a Coma’ and ‘True Faith’, and then met Seamus in 5th form who introduced me to punk (classic Seamus) but I was still listening to stuff you lot wouldn’t like. So saying ages 13-16:

Bon Jovi - Slippery When Wet
Genesis - Invisible Touch [I was obsessed by Genesis, so could have been any album really]
Icehouse - Man of Colours [Australian popsters, first band I ever saw live]
Midnight Oil - Beds are Burning
The Smiths - Strangeways Here We Come
Joy Division - Unknown Pleasures
The Clash - The Clash
Stiff Little Fingers - Inflammable Material
The Cure - Disintegration
The The - Soul Mining
David Bowie - anything but let’s say Ziggy
Ramones - Ramones

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I thought I’d get ripped apart for Sublime, Blink 182, and Bush. I’ll still defend all three to this day. (Though I’ll take this opportunity to embarrass myself and admit I really liked Creed at first :grimacing: )