Your ten absolute favourite songs of all-time?


Is there a version prior to The Great Destroyer? I’ll have to seek this out


you’ve never heard the Murderer EP, then?


Magnificent work @tricklenipple, thanks for doing this. Will start getting stuck into the playlist tomorrow!


Absolutely love that song, and the way it blends into Sunday 3:52 is breathtaking. A Story in White and Sleep and Release are both near perfect albums in my book


Just listened now! (I’d heard the 10" version of Murderer but not Silver Rider)… Ah I much prefer that- as much as I love The Great Destroyer, that’s probably my least favourite on the album (the guitars and harmonies just grate a little). This version is dreamy. Thanks for alerting me to it :slight_smile:


delighted to! one of the best ever EPs, this one. I like both versions of Murderer, but there’s a warmth to this one which I love, and From Your Place On Sunset is a gorgeous slow-burner.


It’s such a perfect song and perfect album closer. Drives me crazy that mentioning them almost always leads to laughter.


quite bad at this

the feelies - moscow nights
the knife - raging lung
joanna newsom - go long
nina simone - baltimore
the sea urchins - please rain fall
roky erickson - you don’t love me yet
smokey robinson - quiet storm
joni mitchell - edith and the kingpin
scott walker - farmer in the city
kath bloom - tall grass


:heart_eyes: love stepping out


The coral - dreaming of you
R.E.M. Daysleeper
Bjork hyperballad
Pulp babies
See you smile singing sweet
Maps yeah yeah yeahs
Pixies hey
Mazzy star blue light
The Distillers - hall of mirrors
Blind melon - no rain
Desiree kissing you

These are probably more my desert island discs than my favourite songs tho


this thread has taught me that people love grandaddy way more than I thought!


Nirvana - Scentless Apprentice
Swell - What I Always Wanted
Slint - Good Morning Captain
Primal Scream - ShootSpeedKillLight
Little Richard - You Keep On Knocking
Manic Street Preachers - Faster
Neu - Lila Engel
Sonic Youth - The Diamond Sea
Nick Cave & Bad Seeds - Jubilee Street
Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes -
Don’t Leave Me This Way (Tom Moulton Mix)


There was a good thread on old dis about them.

Faves? Miami, st Robinson, children in bloom, speedway, murder and any of the live versions of round here.


Put my fav songs playlist on shuffle and here’s the first ten that showed up:

  1. DeBarge — Time Will Reveal
  2. Steely Dan — Your Gold Teeth II
  3. K Michelle — Pay My Bills
  4. Young Buck — Get Buck
  5. Donny Hathaway — For All We Know
  6. Gil Evans — Where Flamingos Fly
  7. The Promise Ring — Happiness Is All The Rage
  8. Devin Townsend — Funeral
  9. Rich Boy — Throw Some D’s
  10. Kiss Daniel — Mama


Peace out :v:

OutKast - SpottieOttieDopaliscious
Nina Simone - Sinnerman
The Velvet Underground - Venus in Furs
Pachanga Boys - Time
Leonard Cohen - So Long Marianne
Joanna Newsom - Only Skin
Jefferson Airplane - White Rabbit
Aesop Rock - Daylight
Buzzcocks - Ever Fallen in Love (With Someone You Shouldn’t’ve?)
Nathan Fake - Sky is Pink (James Holden remix)


SpottieOttie obv!


yeah i mean it’s top there cos it’s the only song that never moves :grin:


Thought about sneaking it into my ten and pretending it showed up randomly in my mix but I decided not to sell my soul and keep my integrity intact. Havent heard some of these other ones will do.


Based on the 4 songs I know on here I will check the rest.


I like your approach too man. No overthinking it, just some all time jams. Get Buck is such a banger and I haven’t heard it in forever :smiley: