Your Third 'X'

Hello friends. This is a thread about recollection of your third thing and any related anecdotes.

Obviously we all remember our first kiss, our first non-family holiday, our first gig, our first shag, our first refreshing taste of San Pellegrino Limonata, our first football match etc. The question is, can you remember your third thing where the first one was noteworthy?

Please talk about them here.

Nice to see you’ve gone through with this. Say what you want about Ant but he’s not for turning.


The thread is absolutely doomed but i still commend his effort.

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My third bass was a 21st birthday present from my mum and I don’t like it very much.

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You should write and perform a song about how you don’t like it on the bass that she gifted you in front of her.

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No, I don’t think I should.


My third guitar was a present for my 17th and I still have and use it <3 (Mexican telecaster in dark red lovely stuffff)

I remember the third penalty I saved in an eleven a side match.

It was against Belmont United ‘B’ in a Cup Quarter Final - they had a number 10 who was clearly influenced by a certain Italian genius from the late 90s. Not only did he have the same boots, not only did he have the little pony tail, he even swore in Italian even though his name was Kieran.

Anyway, we were well ahead when they won a penalty, the divvy ponytail stepped up and sent the ball to my left. Andy Townsend would have described it as a ‘nice height for the keeper, Clive’ but I was still at full stretch as I turned it around the post for a corner.

Kieran was absolutely hopeless, by the way. Looked the part but had the touch of a loosened catapult.


And you were all like


My third car was a Vauxhall Astra automatic and I wrote it off going home from DiS football after being distracted by a sign for non MSG Chinese food.


Ericthe"“third”" was my “”“third”"" DiS account. How’s that?

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The third gig I went to was Stereophonics at the Manchester Evening News Arena on their Just Enough Education to Perform tour. Support came from Feeder.

Why weren’t you at the meet damnit?!!!

The third album I ever bought was ‘Powerslave’ by Iron Maiden.

The third I bought myself was the Golden Age of Grotesque by Marilyn Manson

my third car was a black Citroen Saxo. I loved it

the third house I lived in was on Bloxham road in Banbury

my third job was as an IT support officer in a college library

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Christ mate!

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don’t be silly mate I say a power of rubbish on here

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Remember when @hip_young_gunslinger could make a thread about absolutely ANYTHING and it still got 100 replies?

Ant seems to have that power. I can’t believe how much this has already run.

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