Your tips on: Getting Cheap Flights



Doing Japan next year and want to be one of those dweebs that absolutely nails down a deal and then talks about it proudly to people who hate him i.e. “guess how much it cost me.”

So what’s yer advice hmm?


Just use flight centre for long haul and Skyscanner for short


don’t bother. yeah you’ll get a few quid off but at what cost?

you’ll become one of those people.

fuck that

next it’ll be your mobile tariff.


“they’re paying ME to use the phone”


just read everything here:

Momondo is especially useful to see the prices you should / could be paying for flights.




BA sale, obviously


Lufthansa flight to Tokyo via Frankfurt are decent value. Went a few years ago and going again in November. Plus you get free german beer the whole way there and back and lovely german/japanese food.




I just use Skyscanner. Obviously private browse that shit.


Holiday Pirates app, it’s litreally changed my life.


There are (or were last week) aeroflot flights to Japan for 290 for July/August, would that help you?


Are flight centre any good, I thought that they were bellends (mostly because of show I saw on them.


If travelling to Europe - BA 9+ months in advance. Although BA are shit now for short haul, taken away all of the benefits. But at least you get better flight times and a nicer plane.


Long haul it’s not about the cheapest is it but about the best combo of value and comfort. Like we’re gonna go to Indonesia next year I think but fuck doing one of the flights where you’ve got to stay overnight in Doha or whatever to make a £200 saving.


omg what is this? i am downloading, thanks! :pray:


Fly loads with work and then buy personal flights with your points


all of our work flights are linked to a company air miles account :’(


is there stuff in there that you don’t get on the site?


lol wtf?

could you pay for the flights yourself and claim back?