YOUR top 5 songs of the year (youtube special)

Or at least the first 5 great tracks from this year, off the top of your head.
In no particular order

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Wanted to find room for Berlin Got Blurry, Lazarus & Diddy Bop but rules is rules

I’m gunna pick 5 songs from me top 5 albums, just to be difficult.

Couldn’t find a studio version on Youtube for Emmy the Great, still great mind.

shit sorry, didnt know dailymotion videos bugged out like that

Top one is the absolute winner (somehow it isn’t on youtube…):


Sorry, meant to be a reply to the OP.

top of head:

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also Ful Stop and Jesus Alone.

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I want to add manifestos by wreck and reference, something by aesop rock and lots of fuzzy ambient drone.…

sorry submitted to quickly…

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So hard to pick a top five. Apart from those first two I could make different choices on any other day.

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Someone wanna do the Spotify legwork

Just play this 5 times.