Your Top 5 ‘The’ Bands

Everyone loves a Top 5. It’s time for the DiS user all-time Top 5 bands/artists/musicians beginning with the word ‘The’… go!

  1. The Field
  2. The Radio Dept.
  3. The Knife
  4. The Embassy
  5. The Tough Alliance
  1. The The
  2. The Band

The Blur


Mott The Hoople
Murray The Hump
And You Will Know Us By The Trail of Dead


The Walkmen

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I think I’d have to say The Best of The Beatles


someone do a top 5 Thee bands

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The Wee Papa Girl Rappers


Thee Replacements

Larry David and The Hipsters

  1. The Smashing Pumpkins
  2. The Afghan Whigs / The Twilight Singers
  3. The Flaming Lips
  4. The Mars Volta
  5. The Antlers

What a list!

The smashing pumpkins
The black heart procession
The microphones
The wrens
The beach boys

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  1. The Music

The Pixies
The Swans
The Happy Mondays
The Editors
The Manic Street Preachers

Great bunch of Thees :+1:


The Beatles
The Cure
The Smiths
The Clash
The National

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What’s the best place to start with them? I can’t remember which one but I think one of my favorite bands cited them as an influence.

I knew I was going to forget someone, and of course it was the most consistently great band of the past decade and a half. The new album is aging really well.

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They are pretty much all good, very consistent band ‘amore del tropico’ is probably their biggest album, has a slightly different Latin American vibe to it, ‘3’ Is probably considered the best of their standard ones, six is the one I listen to the most

Best songs:
When we reach the hill
Broken world
Even theives couldn’t lie

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The band I most stole my guitar style from

Their albums always seem to get better with time.

Yeah for Murray the Hump !