Your Top 5 ‘The’ Bands

Radiohead - The Bands

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The Afghan Whigs
The Black Dog
The Midnight
The Horrors
The Auteurs

The Fall
The Beach Boys
The National
The Pharcyde
The Beatles

In that case it actually is The Smashing Pumpkins though. Seeing it written as Smashing Pumpkins by music journalists stresses me out.

do you have a citation? in the Simpsons, Corgan himself introduces himself as ‘Billy Corgan, Smashing Pumpkins’. the gag doesn’t work if Homer says ‘Homer Simpson, The Smiling Politely’

Editors…Delays…definitely no the

in any event i like how Smashing Pumpkins subtly changes the meaning/image

edit: it actually makes more sense, who has ever referred to a pumpkin as ‘smashing’?

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It’s a play on words by our clever King.

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This is now a The Smashing Pumpkins thread.

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Corgan has directly stated that ‘Smashing’ is a synonym for ‘Wonderful’ or ‘Marvelous’, hence the The.

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wouldn’t pass any heed of anything the Corg-dog says.

This was long before he really, really lost it.

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My point in the other thread is being proven in real time.