Your Track of the Week (w/c Sept 12th 2016)


Something new or the new forums.

Pick a song you’re currently loving. It can be from a new album or a stream someone has just put up or something you’ve just discovered or a track from an older album you’re currently hammering.

My pick this week is ‘Magneto’ from Nick Cave & The Badseeds harrowing but oddly heartening new album Skeleton Tree. It’s one of the darkest and sparsest tracks on the record, and it features the line One More Time With Feeling (the name of the ‘making of’ doc) and yeah, listen and try not to weep.

Listen to more new independent releases on this week’s IMM playlist

(Please someone pick me an upbeat pop banger to ease the heaviness of my heart)


Posting an 11 minute song is probably a mistake but hey-ho!

I’m very excited about the album.


Field Music - How We Gonna Get There Now?


Sarah Mary Chadwick - Cool It. - Just so heart warmingly miserable, but with this light head nodding beat, particularly love the last 1:05 - love a cracking beautifully imperfect vocal, the rrrr on the roses. Rest of the album is excellent too.

*this one’s not to bad but her artwork is always midly nsfw in an artistic hand drawn way.


Another vote for Skeleton Tree, especially the title track. Will cause many a lower lip to wobble.

Also, James Vincent McMorrow - Last Story


Really like this noisy YYY’s influenced gem