Your Tuesday evening thread

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My god Thai green curry is just unrivalled in flavour isnt it.

Made this from scratch and it was top


Bake off tonight so off to get some snacks for that

Still no news on moving dates :woman_shrugging::woman_shrugging::roll_eyes:

@Funkhouser and @tilty

Your food looks tremendous


Called Ol’ Ma Epimer and she’s trying to get me to fix her telly over the phone (no video) without her glasses on so she can’t really read any of the menus anyway.

It’ll just need retuning or a factory reset but I might as well be trying to tell her to do keyhole surgery on her own arse


It’s snowing out.

Were you ever snowed in?

I think I’d enjoy it


Had some good skies today

Managed to have tea with the kids which was nice (@plasticniki B didn’t eat anything for his dinner :person_shrugging:). Bake off, beer, bed. I’m sleepy.


If by snowed in you mean too much snow where you can’t really go outside, only once in Montana. They got 5 feet of snow in 36 hours when we were out there.

We have plenty of big storms every year here, but I have a plow on my truck and the environmental construction work doesn’t really slow down unless we get 12-16 inches of snow in a day.

GF won’t go outside if there is 1 inch of snow on the ground however.


I’ve just seen a video of Cliff Richard being a twat on daytime TV and it’s reminded me of something I saw in my favourite charity shop at the weekend. I forgot how much I needed to share this with someone, anyone



Evening, standard routine of being under the duvet watching TV but did have a fancy shepherd’s pie that involved venison. Watched the latest episode of A Murder at the End of the World, Emma Corrin is a great lead.

Now to spend ages deciding on whether to watch a film or not.

I’ve clearly angered the takeaway gods as my food is AW0L😢

Put my egg in, forgot to set a timer

Fuck knows how it’ll turn out, grumble

Bit knacked. Watching omitb and trying not to eat any more food.

Oh no, some crisps from the kitchen are calling me. Halp me, pls.

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C ate a lot of hers because it was sausage, mash and beans :roll_eyes:


Shinyyyyy shinnnnyyyy

Eatttt meeeee

(Whisper the crisps)

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Hard boiled, ah well