Your units of equivalence


Great thread title, glad we all agree.

For e.g. I find kcal an uncomfortable unit to think in. Instead I use an Oetker, where 1 Oetker is equivalent to about 800 kcal (this is what a Pollo is, approximately). So if I want to eat something, I think about if I’d get as much enjoyment out of it as the equivalent number of Oetkers.

I’ve got really, really high hopes for this thread.


This is the saddest thing I have ever read. You need more Disney in your life.


A very Alex Horne feel to it – I like it.

I’ll think of some examples while I ‘work’.


Fucking hell, we get it, you play in a brass band. Christ.


when I was in the car as a kid and I would ask my parents how far it is to where we are going they would always say ‘about as far as epsom’ thus any distance can be measured as one unit of ‘about as far as epsom’


Perfect example, thank you.


When looking at food and calories, my unit is 900 calories = an hour of running.


I live almost dead-on 3miles/5k from work, so I use that to think about long walks/cycles.


You should probably switch to 1.125 Oetkers, it’s much simpler.


Taskmaster – “You threw it 12 feet, which is about 7 and a half dogs”. For example.

FU, E. I’ll keep my examples to myself.


Apart from that one, albeit that was essentially paraphrasing Horne.


What is this, some kind of joke?


My dad had a full set of these. Like when they’d be booking a holiday and the brochure would say ‘200m to the beach, 500m to bars and restaurants’, he’d quantify that as the beach being ‘to the top of the road and back’ and the bars being ‘To the Co-op’, etc, etc.


centimetres are for perverts

powers of ten to multiples of three or GTFO


that sounds like a better system than my parents where any distance was about as far as epsom, they were counting on my lack of knowledge of how far away epsom was, took me awhile to work that out


Yes. This is great. I think McDonalds menu items are great for this, and cans of Coke.

“That pint of Guinness is equivalent to 1 Big Mac” for example.



I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this before, but the R&D folk here routinely use g/ft^3 as a unit and it makes my brain cry.


doesn’t everyone think of distance that way?

have a couple of specific bits of routes that i cycle regularly to picture how far 1km is and what 10km is etc




Glasgow to St Andrews is about 75 miles and I think in terms of that distance a lot. Which is really stupid, because the X24/X26 were 2.5/3.5 hours, but you can drive it in 1.5 easy, so… dunno.