Your younger self

In light of something @Otto said in the friday thread, do you think you’d get on well with your younger self on a night out.

I think my 18 year old self would irritate the life out of me now due to my know it all, invincible, i’m in a band, fuck you schtick.

I appreciate some of you posting here are young as fuck so this might be a pointless thread.

I’m hoping that every single one of us would find our 18 year old selves irritating, it wouldn’t really say much for our personal development if we didn’t IMO


I’m just the same

you a young one?

alright yewtree


I’d probably struggle to get a word out of him, the little prick.

I don’t think I can properly remember what I was like 10 years ago. But I know I was very fat and constantly eating cakes as I worked in a patisserie. 18 year old me would HATE 28 year old me.

I don’t know if I’d go as far as to say irritating. Would definitely pity the younger me a lot, and think they were very sad. I’d probably give them a hug, suffer through any embarrassment they cause during a night out, and have a very heavy one hoping I don’t have to experience it again.

That’s quite condescending though. Meaning in a weird way my younger self would probably dislike my current self more than the other way around. They would be angry at me and I would be sad at how sad and angry they were acting.

This is hurting my head now!

yeah young me would be annoyed with current me

young me would definitely be more annoyed that old me was still a prick


I’ve literally not changed at all on account of being a man baby


No just totally maldeveloped mentally and unassertive

I think I would but I was mostly unhappy. Think I didn’t understand some issues I had to work through (or still working through like every human) and I felt as exceedingly large amount of frustration at life.

I feel I’m much wiser and calmer. However my 18 year old self would be a party animal so if I wanted to have it large it would probably be fun. Until we got taking and trying to advise myself and I know the 18 year old me would be like FUCK OFF GRANDDAD.

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hugs all round i think

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i don’t think i want to hang out with anyone who is 18 years old - i was alright tho, bit uncomfortable in my own skin maybe, but i was pretty fun back then

Actually whenever I find old school work I’m surprised by the wacky sense of humour I had, makes me cringe, glad I have learnt to suppress my personality

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I wouldn’t get much sense out of my younger self because I would’ve been very, very drunk. Young me would think old me is very boring.

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where are we going on teh night out? is it night out in the past (would be alright but a bit weird) or a night out in the present (don’t think younger me would enjoy it that much)

maybe i’ll go to a gig with younger self - that would probably be ok in both of the timelines

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I’d have to tell them to man the fuck up, but other than that I was a pretty stand-up guy back then. Their luxuriant hair would piss me off a treat though.

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