Your younger shelf


what’s the youngest shelf in your house?

one under the bathroom mirror for me.

47 minutes


bit of a slow burner this thread. give it a minute.


you dont know how long I have been waiting for a shelf thread!


i like how you put up a new shelf just to give you something to start a thread about, solid DiSSing


Maybe you should shelf this thread idea for today…wheyyy


Fabian Delph.


My Billy bookcase, love it a lot :blush:


Nice dog-eared collection of Harry Potter books!

What’s that to the right of Fame of Thrones? Is it Chesterton?


These IKEA ones (they’re maybe a year or so old?)


Is there anything on that shelf yet, @japes?


surprised Lonzini hasn’t posted a shelf story yet


Haha thanks! Its bleak house by charles dickens then a diary then jurassic park by michael critchon then we by yvgeny zamyatin. That’s my signed copy of got so it gets pride of place by hp, have the (unsigned) rest on a shelf below


Finally have my own home office so I got these last week

My mum got me that light box thing for Christmas, will take suggestions of what I should write on it next