You're 8. You're at a playground. What's yer choice?

    • Monkey bars
    • Slide
    • Swing
    • See-Saw (alone)
    • See-Saw (with pal)
    • Roundabout
    • One of those wee horse things that go back and forward on a spring
    • Other (please specify)

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sorry please vote again, it wasn’t public

some twig or stick I can pretend is a sword


Leave the playground immediately to play the latest video game at home

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Get me on that mother fucking swing and I’ll be doing bitchin’ “tornadoes” off that thing in no time at all

Begrudgingly onto the monkey bars as there are always bigger boys sat drinking white lightning on the swings.

I would have to say the best of the playground


try (and fail) monkey bars then roundabout until i go dizzy


Pam is lovely
Pam is great
But she doesn’t like the playground, mate

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Swinging high on the swings still makes my tummy drop a bit.

I occasionally get slightly wedged in swings now. Safer but unusually snug.


(were strangers)

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Can i choose not to be 8 please?

In the playground where I spend most of my days. With the kids. Endlessly pushing them on the swings.

Sorry this thread is making me sad

Edit. Not in a proper way, just in an “I used to love playgrounds and now I’m meh at best” kind of way

Giant spider climbing thing


Wanting to go on the slide, but being forced onto the roundabout by older kids who then spin it nauseatingly fast while they play a game that requires them to lean out from the roundabout and pick up an empty Top Deck can from the floor.

Slide unless it looks too scary in which case it’s wee horse thing all the way