You're allowed a 2020 covid-free holiday

Enjoy your holiday getting wasted with ruffers!


Enjoy your holiday in Paros!

I’d planned to do a week rafting and canyoning in Montenegro so probably that

Ay carumba! Enjoy your holiday!

Hobbit time! Enjoy your holiday!

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I might just join you, enjoy your holiday!

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The Full Monte! Enjoy your holiday!

New York, obviously.

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Wasn’t he meant to be having a good time though?

Greeting from Hoogy NY! Enjoy your holiday!

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That’s not in the spirit of #geographyweek

Tebay services


North or southbound?

Hahahaah! Enjoy your holiday!

he’s got all week

I would enjoy having @AQOS along with me. We could both crane our necks together and despair of the fact that people used to carve tunnels for cars through the trees together.

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I was in Warwickshire once right, and I saw a tree so tall that it gave me a sense of awe. In Warwickshire for goodness sake. Ever since then I’ve been desperate to see some Giant Redwoods, I think I’d probably collapse.

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Belgium pls

Dive right in, hahaha! Enjoy your holiday!

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