You're delusional, that really didn't happen



The New Pornographer’s played a SoCal show about 8 or 9 years ago. Dan Bejar’s band, Destroyer, opened. Natural enough, I was familiar with the players, makes sense. I’m good. I’m having a cocktail and watching this fantastic opening band.

And I’m standing next to this little old lady. Kinda animated, kinda fantastic too. After the set I say to her: “So what did you think of the band?”

“Oh, that’s my son.”

Now, Dan Bejar is from Canada. That’s a long way from Orange County, Ca. I’m still not sure it really happened. It’s just too weird. But I replied, “He was fantastic, well done, mom.”

No, that really did happen. You met a rock star. Do tell!


you were having a cocktail?


You know The Caretaker? I met his dad! I worked a shift with him at Manchester Airport. He asked me if I listened to “The Aphex Twins” then said I should give his son’s band a go.


are you sure you didn’t meet an actual caretaker?


The ACTUAL airport caretaker was a lovely man who collected pirate figurines.


Re cocktail. It could be that the one wasn’t my first. Dan Bejar’s mom-- it’s all a blur, I’m not sure.


How Bejar, How Bejar


I really like the fact he said “The Aphex Twins”. It’s like he’s made a real effort to understand and talk up his son’s music…even though it’s probably not his thing.


He struck me as more of a Barclay James Harvest sort of guy.


Oooh numbers (ooh numbers)
You’re making cucumbers (making cucumbers)
Every time I look around (around)
Every time I look around (every time I look around)
Every time I look around
You’re in my face