You're going somewhere you've never been before


Let’s say that this place will take you about an hour to get to. It’s not obviously signposted so you’ll have to rely on some form of directions.

What’s your preferred choice?

  • Google Maps on your phone?
  • Sat Nav?
  • A list of directions?
  • Hand-drawn map?

Personally, I’m keen on drawing myself a little map, like the one below. In the unlikely event that I’ll get lost, I can always bring up Google Maps on my phone.


Look it up on Google Maps, generally I can memorise the key bits.




Rely on my own naturally brilliant sense of direction


same here, this trick amazes people


wing it. if it goes tits up: phone


Sat nav if driving. Might scope out the key junctions on street view first.

Google maps if on foot.


try to memorise google maps
get lost


That’s what I’m talking about!


exact same method - in fact that could be a map I’ve drawn


Sat nav nowt else


Depends, our very own @plasticniki introduced me to city mapper a couple of years back, that was a fucking revelation


Look on Google maps the doodle some cryptic notes on the back of a receipt.


Directions/hand drawn maps on the windscreen in board marker


End up lost and live in the woods.


Google Maps, but printscreen the general route in case I run out of data/lose signal.


City Mapper is ace, if you’re staying in one of the cities it covers and not travelling from one city to another. I like the bus alerts telling you when to get off.


Forget to do anything before hand, get in car yell about everything to no one, huff huff huff, Tom tom loads, drive to destination


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