You're going to have to face it... it is Monday.

Good morning. Had a very relaxed weekend and feeling oddly chipper for a Monday morn. This won’t last.

And how are we?


Have also given myself an earworm of this


Morning roasty, I’ve joined a set of scary exercise classes and the first one is today :grimacing:


Day 2 of a massive hangover.
I’ve got a busy work week. This isn’t good.
Gonna have to buy a “powered by caffeine” tshirt

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Back to solo parenting during the day after having six weeks of Mike being off work :flushed::flushed::flushed::flushed::flushed::flushed:


Absolutely not



Sunn o))rise


Supposed to be trying to pretend to be at work today, for about the first time in a couple of months. But my belly hurts and I don’t wanna.

Sailors are on edge

Beautiful day to walk to the garage to spend £340 and collect my car


Partner flew to Canada on Friday so I had the kids all weekend and managed it. I’m happy they’re happy. Got another 9 days, and haven’t yet resorted to ice cream.

Turns out that the swimming pool isn’t open for fun times on a Mon morning and the cinema only has Sing 2 and we’re not interested, so I guess it is going to have to be a trip to the climbing wall.

Also, it is EV (electric vehicle) Eve! Woop


It’s got mercury rev on the soundtrack

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It’s a daunting feeling, wishing you a positive first day with long uninterrupted naptimes :heart:

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I’ll let my five year old know. :sweat_smile:


Morning, went to Lancaster yesterday. Weird place trying to find a place for tea with 2 kids was a nightmare seemed like everywhere opened at 5:30 ended up in Bella Italia, fucking awful. Absolutely knackered today Cba.

Really don’t want today.

Had absolutely great sleep last night so already been out to the shops to pick up some salmon for bagels this morning and chicken for tonight’s dinner (orange chicken)

Hope the day stays as positive as it started :crossed_fingers:t2:

We are now enemies


Morning all.

On the way to the office. Had the great experience of getting off one tram in St Peters Square to see the next one on my journey merrily tootling into the distance. So, 12 minutes sat in the cold.

Lots of meetings today. I have suited up so I can wear my Christmas present cufflinks. This means wearing the shoes I bought just before things changed and which really aren’t worn in.
Pray for HWHWN’s soles.