You're going to have to face it... it is Monday.

My alarm went off and I was thoroughly confused as it’s Friday??? But then the realisation that it was Monday hit and I had to drag my arse out of bed and go to work.

At least it’s sunny so I’ll walk through to London Bridge today and get those steps in :walking_woman:t2:


My old work shoes disintegrated a few days before we all got sent home and I see the point I decide to buy new ones as being the the point at which things are back to ‘normal’.

Thoughts and prayers for your feet.

Just found that my fav massage place is doing 20% off during February so … lining that up ASAP!

Got a few nice parcels arriving this week, and might go see Moonfall. First, to log in …

Had a breakfast sandwich with some cold sausages left over from yesterday. That’ll probably be the highlight of the day I suspect (until this evening, anyway).

Might have to go to the office one day this week (gasp) for a face-to-face meeting (double gasp)

boss off work for 2 weeks and nobody has given me any work, or really even suggested what beautiful, intuitive development they want me to build next. Guess they are leaving it to my initiative to lead the way. Mhahahahaha. Maybe I will do one off my 50 udemy courses I haven’t even looked at or something?!

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Not exactly sure why but it feels like Year 3 of Covid starts today

Onto day two of the hangxiety, which doesn’t happen often and is…fun. Obviously worth it for getting to see a GBOD (Great Bunch of Dissers) on Saturday.

Dragged myself into the office today and already feeling slightly better for it tbf. Also got mistaken for a student while getting a coffee, so there’s this week’s ego boost sorted.

Love my udemy backlog

Such hopes for growth

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So you’ve signed up for “Penis Lengthening 101” too

Tv Show Lol GIF


My daughter went to see it twice and has watched the first one many times. I will say I think the first is a very good kids’ film.

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Ah, and here am I with just Robert Palmer stuck in my head now.

I’m feeling relatively good for a Monday - despite being out last night I only had two pints, so no hangover, and my cold is finally leaving my body, reminding me what normal feels like.

Zero plans for today, or at all this week. Perhaps I should make some

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OK boomer.

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Day off :sunglasses:
Might defrost the freezer or go for a walk

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Something has gone wrong with my FitBit as it’s telling me it’s time for bed. Pretty sure I’m legally obliged to go to sleep now though. G’night everyone!


Packing up a load of online orders and listening to Los Bitchos. Not a bad start to the week tbh.


D&D has made Mondays much more bearable for me at least! But

Morning. Katie has been shipped off to the cattery today, I am really missing her already.

I need to pack tonight as we’re off to visit my sister in Wokingham tomorrow until Friday…

the last time we took a trip on the motorway a Portaloo was in the road and struck the car taking the wing mirror out so I’m just hoping we don’t have any issues getting there…

Was a very scary experience so I think I am just anxious to travel…