You're going to the shop and you have £2 to spend




lol those dugs are shaggin


Reece's Cup Cakes and an energy drink. I'll choose the one with the most lurid design on the can.


maximum amount of booze possible


Can of Brexit and some Skittles


i'd have to walk past a decent coffee place to get there so probably a flat white (yeah, you can get a good flat white for £2 out here in the provinces).


Coconut Ritter Sport and some Hula Hoops.


It's party time!


Prolly a chocolate yazoo and a flapjack


Big bag of Chilli Heatwave Dorritos - currently seem to be on for a pound everywhere

Biggish Dairy Milk type bar - always some kind or other on for a pound. Never again the Peanut Butter Oreo flavour though


you're going to the shop and you have £200 to spend???

i'm needing some new jeans. would probably spend the rest on boosts.


Two hundred tacos.


Can of rubicon mango - 59p
Bag of flaming hot monster munch -99p

I'd probably invest the remaining 42p.


Multipack of whatever chocolate is on offer for £1 (or 'share' bag if they're on offer)
Can of Diet Coke
Keep the change, you filthy animal


sorry guys, got called into a meeting!!!

how much is a boost?!

fair shout

alright, kik

your usual

why is everyone going on about these? what are they?


an afternoon with: e4 has been a real let down tbqh


They are a very good snack Eric, you should try some


sound more like a treat to me


£2 scratchcard

Probs Private Eye tbh


My usual is just Sainsbo's Local, I guess I'd get a pack of steak Walkers Max crisps (75p), a can of classy lemonade (95p) and a pack of fizzy fangs (40p)