You're going to the shop and you have £2 to spend


If it’s the shop then a can of Rio, packet of slim oreos and a packet of walkers max paprika :ok_hand:


san pelli limonata 1.20
kinder bueno 70p

put the 10p change in the chazza pot


really want a frijj now


Pork scratchings
Can of pop - whatever takes your fancy
As many chomps and fingers of fudge you can get with the change, if any.




literally cannot compute this


gammiest things alive


guide dogs for the bund?


2 cans of Polish Lager. Probably Lech, as I’ve got wine to drink when i get home.


If it’s my local corner shop; can of Rio, prawn cocktail walkers, packet of strawberry poppets.


wild card!!!


Might try this next time I walk to the co-op and genuinely don’t want anything


this seems a bit ££


Never seen them anywhere else and the shop’s a bit dodgy so I reckon they’re from some Eastern European country circa 1989.


islington, mate!!! thanks for nothing, corbyn.