You're going to the shop right now

Budget of £1.20 in your pocket. What’ll it be? Show your pricings.

M&S chocolate chip flapjack - 85p
Bottle of sparkling water - 65p

Minus 20% discount = £1.20

2 x frazzles (78p)
can of ting (should be 39p)

3p change?

veggie samosa


mods he cheated



Wasn’t in the terms and conditions

actually just went to the shop and got a 6 pack of mccoys for £1.25. I could probably have found 5p on the way to the shop to cover the difference

Six pack of Roysters T-Bone Steak crisps - 99p

Packet of mint Poppets - 19p

2p change

Dunno what sweets cost, I’m always paying on my card.

Boost??? Can’t be more than, say, £6


I’m going now but I’m ignoring your budget

Morrison’s isotonic sports drink (raspberry) 45p
Teasers bar (broken, obviously) 65p

I hate you


That can’t be what mint poppets cost

Oh I’ve read the crisps bit. I see.

danone blueberry blast skyr 90p
naked bar bakewell tart flavour 45p special offer

And a ribena for dippin

broke into a tenner getting one yesterday
palpable tension

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Hang on a minute