You're going to the shop right now

It’s what they were being sold for in Home Bargains at the weekend. Couldn’t believe it.

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Can you really get a drink and choc bar/crisps for £1.20 in London from local shop? I’m dubious.

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Fucking hell.

Six please.

Winning combo:


Also 59p (when on offer).

2p change in the charity box.


I don’t know what your local shop is like but that has got to be two of the worst possible choices in most shops

I beg to differ

Lychee or gtfo

Also, my choices strike a balance between drink and snack, whereas nearly all chocolate-based snacks leave limited change for a drink.

Big fan of those really wodgy flapjacks you can get in some local shops - apricot preferably. I’ll pretend I can get that and a can of San Pellegrino bitter orange for my £1.20.

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You ‘avin a bleedin’ giraffe zanni mate?!!


Just got ID’d trying to buy a local supermarket beer.

Haha, poetic justice!!

bottle of coke, twirl and a pack of mccoys salt and vinegar

The lady after me on the till offered to buy my beer which was a nice naughty thrill but the self service lady had already put my beer back on the shelf. I got corner shop beer instead and had a nice chat with the corner shop guy.

Looked young to asdas lady :white_check_mark:
Nice chat with corner shop guy :white_check_mark:
Nearly did illegal thing :white_check_mark:

Minor inconvenience :x:


120p mix, please

That’s about 5 sweets in #brokenbritain

I’ll take 24 of each.

6 X

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