You're having beans on toast for lunch

  • How did you know?
  • Oh yeah, go on then
  • No I’m not, sorry

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I’ve just chucked a sausage and bean melt in the oven

I’m having chicken Super Noodles, a pasty, ready salted Seabrooks and a Snickers, sorry.

Anything on top of those beans?

  • Bit of cheese
  • Something else
  • Just as they are, thanks
  • Sorry, I’m still not having beans on toast

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Cheese and a load of Lea & Perrins cheers.


Needs a “I’ll starve to death before eating baked beans” option.

I’m having a chicken wrap, fyi.

Anything in those beans?

  • Oh yeah, go on (please specify)
  • Nah, just as they are
  • CCB, I’ve told you! No beans!

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How many slices of toast?

  • One
  • Two
  • Three
  • More than three
  • I’m just clicking this because I like polls now

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One whole slice in the middle and a triangle half either side, obviously.


I usually have 2 with the beans and a 3rd as a starter while the beans are in the pan

chilli sauce stirred into the beans

What kind of portion size are we talking?

  • Whole tin or GTFO
  • half a tin
  • More than half a tin, and then snack on the remainder from the fridge
  • Somehow less than half a tin
  • No beans

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I just had a

’Lufttorkad skinka, Västerbottenost, färsk timjan och senapsmajonäs grillad macka’

That’s a cheese and ham toastie to you

one in the middle. 2 cut in half at each side and a 4th cut into quarters for each corner.

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I don’t have any more questions but feel free to ask your own

two slices of wholemeal, toasted
some non-dairy bullshit spread
half a tin of beans
plenty of tabasco


Ooh like an octagon of bread?

“Their best album since Black Holes And Revelations” - NME :star: :star: :star: :star:


No I’m not, I’m having cheese on toast.


Any sauce on that?