You're hosting a dinner party


one of your classic Thursday night affairs. 10 guests. 1 of them is a vegan. 9 are carnivorous.

Do you…

  • Make a vegan option for your guest
  • Ask them to bring their own food
  • Ask another guest, who knows the hippie well, to bring some food
  • Who invited them anyway? They’re not welcome…

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This is

  • OBT
  • CG
  • MPBH
  • Don’t care but they’re obviously one of the regular shitposters

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Make the whole meal vegan.



yep, this


i would try and make a thing where there wasn’t much difference between the vegan version and the non-vegan version

if that was possible


When we cooked all that food last Saturday we had two vegetarians out of the twelve. I made the starters plus two of the four mains meat-free. Otherwise it feels a bit awkward being like “and here’s the vegetarian option!”


You’re hosting a dinner party and there’s someone you’ve asked to leave several times because he keeps saying weird things, and he keeps coming back with various silly hats on. Do you:

  • Keep letting him in until he embarrasses himself in public again
  • Tell him to bog off from the front door in the hopes he’ll get tired
  • Ring the police

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None of the above.

I’d speak to the person first to ask what their preference is/do they mind/whatever and act accordingly



My BFs mum is SO GOOD at this. I am the only vegan out of the fam so when we have dinner, theres about 10 of us.
She makes all the sides vegan (usually cous cous and salads or different veg stuff, super nice and Mediterraneany) then she’ll cook some meat for the rest (lamb or whatever).
Everyone is happy.


And WHO THE FUCK is having a Thursday night dinner party?
That’s gonna be a take away from me. I ain’t cooking for 10 people on a fucking Thursday. I’ve been at work all day!


It’s just one of the shitposters shitposting. My money’s on OBT.



you’ve spent a long time preparing your pal’s vegan meal. as you go to serve it you suddenly remember a small part of it is non-vegan. the person eating it will almost certainly never find out. do you:

  • tell them
  • don’t tell them

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I wouldn’t notice/care too much.
In my head, it’s still vegan cause I didn’t consciously eat something non vegan if that makes sense.
Happens quite often to me and I just go OH FFS


This is boding well guys!


congratulations on your recent engagement


maybe one of the @moderators can have a look at who this is


still freaks my nut that you’re not one anymore


Mention of nazis. It’s MBPH


All we need for dickhead bingo is for the next scenario to involve “a guest” with some dodgy views about Muslims.