You're in a bar

it’s populated by all the people* you had a crush on in primary and high school and suddenly they all fancy you back.

Who you getting off with at the end of the night? Or are you going to the bathroom and climbing out of the window?

Based on those I befriended on facebook Id on’t think I’d want to kiss a single school crush.

*classmates/peers NOT famous people

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They’re older now right?


no i’m in my kitchen

Presumably they’re the age they are now?

Be a bit odd otherwise.

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Just happy to be in a bar TBH.



Correct, they have aged

Yes, I did not mention the ageless cryogenic chamber they were kept in, therefore, yes, they have aged.


I think they are all married with these days so not sure I’d want to get in the middle




Chloe Symes

Thank you for playing.

Found out the other day that a girl I was in secondary school with is now an LA-based model and influencer with 23k Instagram followers.

I remember once in class we had to do a Chinese whispers game when I happened to be sat next to her, was so embarrassed when I had to whisper in her ear I just burst out laughing and genuinely couldn’t remember what I was meant to say.

Going to go with her just for a self-esteem boost even though I don’t particularly fancy her.


You go into a bar and it’s free drinks for you all night. Only catch is it has everyone you’ve ever been out with/slept with/gotten off with in it. Staying?

  • Free drinks are free drinks
  • No thanks I’d like to go home

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The guy I sat next to in English is also a model now, fancied him for a bit in school but he had no personality and now he collects cars and has a ‘property portfolio’ so even though he’s still hot, nay, many times hotter, I couldn’t bring myself to kiss him despite how beautiful he is.

You’re going need a bigger b̶o̶a̶t̶ bar

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Looking back, I had terrible taste.

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Wouldn’t even be breaching the rule of six, no problems


Having a real think and peers absolutely not, no. Teenage me had terrible taste.

Can I have a teacher instead please? I’d totally still bang my Graphic Design teacher. I took it as a GCSE hoping he’d be my teacher, and he wasn’t. Sigh. Still, I got a B.