You're not here tomorrow.

Your boss just rang and said you can have the day off tomorrow. What are you gonna do with it?

The weather is going to be just as awful. Please remember to carry a bottle of water with you if you go out.

Probably stay inside and play computer games, for a change of pace


Drive down to Wales a day early.

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Watch the Olympics opening ceremony.


very on brand replies so far


It’ll be raining on Saturday, sorry.

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I’ll probably just go for a sea swim a bit earlier.

Jimbo finishes school today, and after tomorrow I’ve got the next two weeks off, so it would essentially be my holiday starting sooner

I already have tomorrow off, I’m going to Scotland. I’ll stick with that plan, thanks Eric :slight_smile:


no problem

That’s why I’m going

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‘You’re Not Here Tomorrow’

Take it to the Bond titles thread.


tbh i’ll probably spend the morning doing some life admin, maybe do a run or walk (temperature depending) around hackney marshes. play a little bit of video games. later on i’d go out on a date with someone really nice.

run, food shop, bike ride, sit on the sofa.

Still in extreme lockdown here so he’s basically forcing me to be a full time home teacher so he can absolutely fuck off with those japes

Setting up the board game early to make sure I know the rules for the eve

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Come to work to obtain beer. Then go home and drink it.

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Run, round of golf, pub.

probably hang around outside work at leaving time

Sit at home and carry on watching S5 of The Sopranos and drink some lemon and lime infused water. May have a nap and some roasted toms in balsamic vinegar and sliced mozzarella for lunch

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bike ride w/coffee n cinnamon bun
wander over to hospital for midday scan :expressionless:
find a nice lunch afterwards in ladywell probably, or mayyyyybe book a table for sparrow?
laze about for the rest of the day snoozin’

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