You're on a train journey...

The journey is 4 hours long and is from 1pm-5pm. What snacks, meals, drinks etc are you getting through?

Hour 1: Baguette (ham & cheese or some such), grab bag of S&V McCoys, 500ml Fanta Fruit Twist
Hour 2: Finish off the Fanta, cup of tea from the trolley, Twix, open the Starmix
Hour 3: 1x 330ml can of beer
Hour 4: 1x 330ml can of beer, pork pie, more Starmix.

Am I by myself? What’s the purpose of my journey?


Yes, for the purposes of this exercise you are travelling solo. You’re on your way to meet a relative.

What time of year is it? Can I have a full weather report please. And what’s the internal temperature of the train carriage?

Probably an M&S meal deal will do me thanks.

I miss long train journeys. Good uninterrupted book reading time.


Do I come into your threads and ask constant questions? The answer is maybe.

probably a bottle of water.
maybe a soft mint.

will have eaten dinner before, eat tea when i get there. and don’t want to turn up pissed :man_shrugging:

alternatively, on the 1 hour train to the football, 3 x 6% beers.


no i’m not


Thanks, this is vital information

Am I’m by myself and going to meet relatives I’ll probably have zero alcohol, and get to enjoy my secret shame: a Boots meal deal

Vegetarian triple (it’s fucking terrible)
Some sort of overpriced innocent smoothie thing (got to extract maximum value from Boots)
Either a bag of crisps or a chocolate bar depending on the food I’m expecting to be presented by said family member.

All devoured within the first 20 minutes, ofc. I’ll nap for the remaining 3 hours 40, unless there’s football on, then I’ll try to stream it and get annoyed at the terrible service whilst noting that it’s actually quite difficult to get signal in a giant Faraday cage, so fair enough


Bottle of Water, pack of Percy Pigs and some crisps


M and S

Couple of mini Pork pies (but not the really mini ones)
Tray of those ridiculous snacks Marks’s does like samosas or some sort of quichy thing
Bag of Pigs
Bottle of m and s orangeade

3x cans of lager (do they still do the Italian one?)

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Don’t know why it’s taken me so long to realise that “re-watching films you love on your phone” is a fantastic train activity

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3 for £7 marksies snacks - probably some olives, sausage rolls and summat else

big bag of crisps with the lads
big bag of cans (premixed g&t) with the lads

lucozade sport or somesuch

some marksies chocolate sweets like chocolate covered honeycomb

basically i’ve been into marksies beforehand

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You’re not with any lads, this is a solo trip.

As little as possible, don’t really like eating in public and in this fackin’ country I wouldn’t be depending on getting a seat on the train. Bottle of water. Maybe flavoured, as a treat.

Bottle of water, probably a bag of crisps.

Depending on where I’m going and who I’m meeting, might have some beers. Unlikely though

What a fascinating insight you just got from me

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All you people with your stations having an M&S. What privilege.



Lunch before the journey starts, dinner a few hours after arrival.

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big bag of cans with myself


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probably three double espressos and a bottle of water